What’s up with the mustache?

What’s up with the mustache?

November 9, 2017 | Jerry Reid

I got asked yesterday – Jerry “what’s up with that Mustache”? Before I could even reply the next comment had already been formulated and stated – “it’s so bad”. I had not seen this dude in like 8 years and all he could focus on was my stash.

Immediately I was like – I won! I won……. I won because I got to start a conversation about my mustache, which more importantly, the conversation about why – men’s health.

Speaking as the above average healthy male in his early 40s, and I say this because I exercise four or five days a week, so in my mind, I am pretty healthy. Yet Little to my own knowledge my internal body was not as healthy as my mind let me to believe.

It’s only been two months since I spent five long days in the hospital, and then another two weeks recovering. Having never got an annual physical, I assumed all of the exercise I was doing was keeping my body healthy, yet I did not realize that other things were going on.

We as men are BRAVADO, strong, and unwilling sometimes to think that we can be weak. Me especially. I understand now the importance of routine check ups. And mainly the older I get, the more important check-ups become. And while the No Shave or Movember campaign’s initially started way back when, as an awareness for prostate cancer, it has morphed into an awareness around men’s health, and living a healthy lifestyle.

No one is invincible, just ask any survivor of any kind, their stories are all the same, the decision to screen saved their life.

To Health and Wellness.

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