No One Said It Was Easy: Changing Your Lifestyle

No One Said It Was Easy: Changing Your Lifestyle

November 9, 2017 | Mathr de León

They say that your body starts recovering from cigarettes in as little as 20 minutes from the last smoke. Your heart rate and blood pressure begin dropping. Your circulation improves. Give it 12 hours and toxins start to leave the body. After a few weeks, your lungs start to repair themselves and by the 1 year mark your risk of heart disease is halved.

That’s a lot of shit. But it got me thinking. Now that I’m coming up on 3 years, what other stuff can I finally do that would have been incredibly taxing as a smoker of 15 years?

In the spirit of men’s health, I thought I’d spend the month pushing my lungs to the limit and blogging about my experience here.

I plan to start by participating in the Moustache Mile, a weekly run through downtown Fresno. This is against my better judgement, as I typically disdain any kind of physical activity that doesn’t involve keeping my normal clothes on or take place in the privacy of my own home. Not because I don’t believe physical activity is important or useful but because it really gets in the way of my favorite pastime of sitting. I fucking love sitting. It is so choice.

Case in point, I’m sitting now. Even as I type this, I’m consumed with thoughts of sitting. Right now, I’m on the couch but I don’t have to stay put. Once this blog is finished, I could easily go sit on my bed or at the kitchen table. Hell, I could even sit on the counter if I want. Kitchen counters are great for sitting, especially if you have a pint of ice cream or a box of cookies to crush.

This brings me to a second good thing that physical activity often gets in the way of. Eating.

Eating is a serious passion of mine that goes very well with sitting and I almost hate that I’m going to be spending more time out and doing things and less time sitting in front of delicious food that really ought to be in my mouth. What if food thinks I’m done with it? I can’t imagine turning my back on friends who’ve always been there for me. Shameful.

Alas, trying new things and putting aside old vices is exactly the kind of thing you do in the name of men’s health. So here goes. Nothing like running a couple miles through downtown to make sitting all day feel that much better.

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